Wrigley Rooftops

Web Developer and Experience Designer

One month into this project, the timeline was drastically shortened, threatening the dynamic experience that we wanted to build.

I buckled down and turned designs into responsive pages in just two days, earning back the time we needed to refine the site and make it sing.

The edge of your seat

One of the goals of the site was to give visitors an idea of what it is like to be on each of the eleven properties.

Each building has a different vantage point, so we took a series of photos that we stitched into a 360 viewer. Now visitors can know exactly what they will see.

A moving experience

One of our goals was to make this website stand out, and nothing does that better than good transitions.

The motion on scroll and page load helps the site feel fluid, dynamic, and memorable, while allowing the clean typography and layout to shine through.

Rethink, not shrinky-dink

Mobile first design is ideal, but sometimes it's necessary to turn a powerful desktop experience into an effortless flow on smaller screens.

I took a complex checkout flow and made it a seamless mobile experience, not just shrinking the interface, but capturing the core interaction.