Product Designer

Working at a startup, my responsibilities were varied, ranging from establishing brand standards, redesigning the marketing site, shooting product photos, designing digital display ads, product packaging, and creating video collateral.

Designed to build fast

I created a design system from colors, patterns, and component libraries. The system empowered me to create consistent, cohesive, functional designs with ease. Shared styles also made the designs easier for developers to build quickly.

Clean and tidy

Good design doesn't always mean removing information. Importance and context are key to guiding layouts and making more functional designs.

Focused typography structures information and can make anything better, even email receipts.

...with a touch of playfulness

Delight is crucial to making a memorable product. Flourishes and carefully crafted details make a functional design a joy to use, and helps a design stick in your mind longer.

Hologram had a very techincal offering, so small playful elements provide relief from technical detail.